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Nazarene Youth Congress


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Has anyone here in St. Louis heard of the Nazarene Youth Congress? It's a huge convention in which about 10,000 Nazarene teenagers gather and have a huge life changing revival thing. Does anyone here even know what Nazarenes are? Well, anyway, it's coming to St. Louis in the summer of 2007, and it will be a HUGE deal. Last year, in Houston, they actually met in the Astrodome, that's how many people will come. Other cities that have held this include Houston, Toronto, NYC, Stockhom, and Sydney. Just thought y'all might want to know about this.

Anyway, what activities are there in St. Louis? This trip will need to include entertainment, so what does STL have to offer. Do you have any theme parks, water parks, broadway plays, etc. I'd like to know, just so we can know what to look forward to.

Any thougts on St. Louis would be greatly appreciated.

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St. Louis has everything you'd expect from a major city-- outstanding restaurants, diverse nightlife, broadway shows, great neighborhoods, great parks, a great live music scene, a convenient rapid transit system, major league sports, unique attractions and then some. It is not New York or Toronto, but it is definitely a worthy city.

What are Nazarenes? Are they cool religious people or a bunch of tightasses?

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