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Guangzhou TV & Observation Tower


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Guangzhou TV & Observation Tower

Tianhe - Guangzhou, China

The winner of the Guangzhou Observation Tower competition was pronounced in october 2004. This is a thread with information and renderings from each proposals. The competition consist of thirteen proposals, all in different design and height. Three designs were choosen to continue the competition. The progress is still ongoing, but the construction is expected to start in 2005, and completed in 2008 as the tallest TV/Observation tower in the world surpassing Jakarta TV Tower and the current record holder, the 553-metre CN Tower in Toronto.

The total construction area is some 100,800 square meters. Some 18,342 square meters of houses needs to be demolished, and some 1.5 billion yuan or 181 million US dollars need to be invested to the project.

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Proposal 1:

Name: Guangzhou KM Tower

Status: Cancelled

Architect: Kawaguchi & Engineers

Construction period: 2005 - 2007

The tallest proposal of all suggestions. It contains a 1 000m tall tower, which would become the tallest structure in the world. The proposal is known as the Guangzhou KM Tower. The observation platform in the first floor will be located 222 meters above ground level. A restarant will be located at 444 meters while a museum will be located at 666 meters and the roof will fly 888 meters above the ground level. The antenna will be 1 000 meters above ground level.




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Proposal 3:

Status: Cancelled

Construction period: 2005 - ?

The tower will be 588 meters tell. The tower will have a graceful outline equipped with a multi-purpose metal hull. With special lighting installations the tower will present inconstant visual appearance. The proposal was also one of the three proposal that was approved to the second competition.






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Proposal 4:

Name: Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower

Status: Under Construction

Architect: ARUP Qualification

Construction period: 2005 - 2007/2008

The tower will be 450 meters tall and is known as the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower. Inside the sightseeing tower there is a group of climate floors with gardens. The functions of different floors will be made according to their different climate districts and the floors will be named after their climate districts.

A large exhibition hall will occupy the first floor while a 3D movie theater of the desert will be situated 95m above the ground level. A prairie garden in the third public floor, 195m above ground level and a tropics quick dining room at 310m. A temperate zone area and a hotel will occupy the fifth floor, 345-350m above ground, while tundra luxurious dining rooms will occupy the sixth floor, 430m above ground level. 450m above ground will a small city square, known as the North Pole Square be. From the roof above the square a antenna will stretch to 610m.

The proposal was one of the three proposal that was approved to the second competition and was finally approved in december. The ground construction started immediately and the tower is currently under construction.




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Proposal 5:

Status: Cancelled

Construction period: 2005 - ?

This tower is the second tallest proposal of all 13 proposal. The structure reaches 777m above ground while the observation platform will fly 650m above ground. A large observation floor will be located at 200m as well.




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Proposal 10:

Status: Cancelled

Construction period: 2005 - ?

A 600 meter tall observation tower. The tower is dressed in a steel coat similar to Proposal 3. During night the coat will fire in a incredible scene of lights with a large number of different colors.






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