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Nashua, New Hampshire


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I took a Sunday drive to Nashua recently but never got to posting the pictures I took. No matter, yours are much better. I was surprised at how big Nashua is and how nicely the old part of the city has been taken care of. It would be interesting to post some shots of the big sprawl around the edges of town, but I didn't get any of those shots on my trip.

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Nahua is less than 90,000. Manchester is the only city in NH to have a population over 100,000. Right now its at about 109,000. Its expected that Manchester might be around 130,000 by 2015 I think, but i think its going to hit that sooner. Manchester is getting more and more like Hartford. I cannot wait until they finnish the airport connector from the highway. In about 10 years, Manchester is going to be awesome. They are also rebuilding the granite st bridge. I think they are going to make it look like the onle Notre Dame bridge with an arch. In Nashua they are making a beltway into Hudson. I believe its almost done. I think there have also been talks about a commuter rail between Concord, Manchester, and Nashua.

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