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From a workers perspective


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<_< I was happy to see the new restaurants as well as all of us!! I had the misfortune of working for Cheesecake factory AND PF Changs . Both Kitchens were Imacculate but both seemed to favor hispanic americans . I love Hispanic people ---but i saw a little discrimination here. Dont listen to ME ---Just look in the kitchen!! I am a white guy ok---and I dont think it is right for upscale restuarants to keep out black people.Trust me Black Friends --You Dont wanna work in these places!! I also felt like the token "white Guy" (which i did not like) I dont want to work "Upscale" anymore---trust me --the food in these places kinda suck compared 2 what you Pay !! You would have more fun at a backyard BBQ where YOU get to cook Yourself!!!!---

whats YOUR VIEW ????

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