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My trip to Whittier, AK in pictures

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Ah yes here we are.. Whittier, Alaska.. the town under one roof. With my brother back in Anchorage for the weekend from UAF Fairbanks, we decided to drive 1 hour to Whittier to check out how things have changed since the last time we were there.

The town was founded in WWII as a military base and was given town regoniztion in the 1970's. Until 1999 you could only get to Whittier via train -- one of the things that made Whittier unique. But what is obviously the more unique thing about Whittier is that everybody lives under one roof. Yep, on my visit inside the Begich Apartment Tower, I found the 1st floor hallway was apperantly mainstreet with a church, post office, grocery store, bank, and city hall all a doors knock away.

The Grandview.. pretty much


In the distance is the now abandoned complex known as the "City under a roof" which contained condos, a grocery store, bowling alley, and swimming pool



Prince William Sound



Looking back


a waterfall behind the Begich Tower apartments






until another time, ciao


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I would have expected fewer cars in a remote Alaskan town. I see on the map that it's somewhat close to Highway 1 though. Is there an actual road in?

Also, what are the industries here? Fishing? Tourism?

That waterfall is beautiful. What an interesting little town.

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