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Law Firm to Leave Downtown Raleigh


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I disagree, this isn't really that bad. I'd love for every company to be located downtown, but north hills isn't that bad of an alternative. Also this is only a few miles from downtown. The key difference between this and the 60's are the word "urban center", RTP never presented itself as an urban center, North Hills however, is trying to move in an urban direction.

Although I think its awesome that a "midtown" area may start to develop and flourish over the next 15-30 years, North Hills would not have been my first choice. The reason being that although North Hills is close to downtown, there isn't a strong transit connectiong between the two. I'd LOVE to have seen the mini city or highwoods area develop into a midtown area: great road access with Capital Boulevard AND rail connections. After that, Crabtree would be a great location with its proximity to DT Raleigh, RDU and Durham. The one drawback is that Glenwood Ave inside the beltline isn't going to increase in density any time soon (ever)

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