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Town Center #2


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Thought I'd post a topic concerning the possibility of another Town Center similar to the St. John's Town Center excluding the River City Marketplace located in the southside or perhaps near the beaches? Only that this "new" town center would be a lot better than St. John's in fixing some of the "urban" mis-haps that they've created with the current town center project as exclaimed by some people. Do you think that there's a possibility they could build another "upscale" town center in the southside region or it's too overcrowded? It can still be upscale, but it'll probably never have like Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus. Though, there's still Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, Saks and other upscale stores that's not in the Jax market.

This post excludes:

Avenues Walk

River City Marketplace

The Landing (Redevelopment)

Kendall Town Center

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I think that the Beaches could definitely use something. If you live on Jacksonville Beach, you've got to either fight the traffic all the way down Atlantic to get to Regency, or head all the way to the Southside or SJTC. I'm surprised that an area as high income as Ponte Vedra doesn't have that many shopping options in the area. Something between Ponte Vedra and Jax Beach (maybe down near the area with the Fresh Market) would be cool, but I agree that for now four major malls in the area with a new regional one coming is good enough for now.

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I actually realy dislike the SJTC... I realy hope that is not what they mean by Life style centers.. Seems like a glorified strip mall to me. Dont get me wrong, its cool that they brought in some stories currently not in Jax, but still.. Terrible Shading, you have to walk acroos a concrete see to get to one side of it. Outside of Cheesecake, (have you heard this complaint before about some where else) There is no street level interaction. Bring what you sell out side. Have street vendors. resturants need to put more outside seeting. Add a night time component to it. I know its realy a "mall", but all it is is a strip mall in close quarters to another strip mall. Im sorry, Not impressed... I personally dont want another....

here is my suggestion...

create a Sprawl Tax. If you want to build sprawl, you have to pay a one time Sprawl tax.. Start forcing people towards the City Core.


No More Soap box....


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