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So the local paper will be printed in Cleveland now.

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Mlive reports the shutdown of the Walker printing plant.  The Grand Rapids Press, along with the other Michigan Advance papers will be printed in Cleveland now.  They say no problem with deliveries unless the weather is bad or the truck breaks down.  Like most people I no longer buy the GR Press but for some reason the Sunday paper is still delivered to my home.  I think the old lady who used to live here must of had a lifetime subscription and they don't know she moved to Florida.  Being an old man I'm still partial to printed papers and I buy the Detroit papers daily since I once worked for the Free Press, but the GR Press has been not worth it for awhile, even for free.   

MLIVE: 71-lose-jobs-as-mlive-closes-grand-rapids-area-printing-facility

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I'm the only person I know under 40 that subscribes to a print newspaper (we subscribe to two: GR Press and NY Times). The GR Press is pretty worthless at this point, with a smattering of local content at least two days old (not only do they only deliver three days a week, they must also have a print deadline of 3pm or something). The NY Times is printed in Detroit, and I rarely see a deviation from their typical 4am delivery time. The GR Press should have no problem maintaining their normal late morning Tuesday/Thursday and early morning Sunday delivery schedule.

I'm surprised that Walker plant has survived this long. I'm guessing a lot of its output was contract jobs rather than newspapers (I recall that being a big part of its intended purpose back when it was built). I can't imagine who would want to buy the building now.

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