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Charlotte 2040 Comprehensive Plan


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Since the Comprehensive plan is going to dictate a great deal of what the UDO will spell out, and there for future development I figured it needed it's own thread.


The community engagement portions of the Charlotte 2040 Comprehensive Plan kicked off on March 6, 2019 with this as the timeline:


Phase I - Existing Conditions and Trends Assessment
Fall 2018 to April 2019

This phase is about collecting information and listening—looking at where we’ve been, where we are, talking about what we want our community to look like over the next 20 years, and the goals we need to set to make that happen. 

Phase II - Growth Scenarios and Place Types
March 2019 to November 2019

Here, we’ll take a look at the ways our city could grow and determine the trade-offs of each way to determine the preferred option to make our community’s vision a reality. Then, we’ll start creating the policies/plans we need to put in place to support it.

Phase III - Framework and Plan Elements December 2019 to August 2020

For this phase, we’ll put pen to paper, drafting the plan that will guide our city’s growth. We’ll combine the various department and agency plans and goals as well as the supporting policies, and will start to look at the steps we need to take to make following through on the plan a reality.

Phase IV - Final Plan and Adoption
September 2020 to April 2021

In this phase, we’ll make changes and make the plan stronger based on what we hear from you. Then, we’ll conduct a review and take it to the City Council. City Council will be asked to adopt the plan and use it to guide their decisions.
The website will have most of the information posted, and their Facebook page has the videos of all the public meetings.
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Some more interesting documents to come out of the 2040 Visioning Process, leading to the UDO:


The Process Timeline:



The Different Place Types which become the basis of the Form Based Code:




And the links to higher res versions:



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