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The Good Old Days


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Yeah, I don't think anyone in my family ever passed through. My mom is from South Bend, Indiana, and my dad is from Grand Rapids. One set of grandparents is from Grand Rapids. The other set is from Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

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As a kid, we never went to Michigan Central station when my family (infrequently) visited Detroit by rail, since the C&O from Grand Rapids went into Fort Street Station. Thus, my earliest memory of the station dates from undergrad days at Michigan. I took an RDC car (ex-New York Central, I guess) from the station to Ann Arbor a couple of times. I was amazed at the size and style of the station even then (it was the mid-70s), but the station was already beginning to deteriorate. Too many grand stations have been demolished (all of them in Chicago save Union Station) and it would be a shame for the Michigan Central station to join them.

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