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Delta 6 / Roll-a-round - Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Store


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So, they're building a new Walmart Grocery Store where Delta 6 and Roll-A-Round used to be on Harris. Opinions on this???


Also, why haven't they torn down the "SKATING" sign yet? 

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I wonder if the immediate area will finally support it. There used to be a grocery where the Big Lots is on Lawyers, and right across the street - the basically vacant center with tons of parking. Competition at Harris & Idlewild, and along Albemarle heading towards Central.


+1 if anyone remembers Pizza Etc.

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I remember Pizza Etc... I think I had either my Indian Guides Christmas party there or my Coach Pitch awards dinner there.

The Delta 6 site is what we in the neighborhood used to call the dump. Because it's where people dumped their crap that they didn't want to pay the disposal fee (or travel all the way out to the Harrisburg rd landfill) to get rid of. My friends and I rode our bikes there quite a bit. There was a hill in the center of it with a jump at the bottom.

After the Delta 6 was built we moved our bike riding down to what is now Waterford creek apartments. We called it Devil's trail, it had the closest thing to a real mountain bike downhill single track I could find. Though there were decent trails also down where Campbell creek greenway is now.

I don't doubt Wal-Mart will do well there, but that is a horrible place for one. That site has horrible egress during rush hour.

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