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I just saw this and wanted to mention it. For a while now, Dave Matthews, of Dave Matthews Band fame, has been recording for a while in Shreveport with Shreveport's Brady Blade, who has performed with the Dave Matthews Band in the past, at Blade Studios. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, this has apparently led to the creation of a new band in Shreveport featuring Dave Matthews, Brady Blade, and Jakob Dylan (son of Bob Dylan, lead singer of The Wallflowers).


The new collaboration, The Nauts, are recording their debut album right now at Blade Studios. They also say that the band's first live performance will probably be at UNSCENE!, which is an arts and music venue by Shreveport Regional Arts Council.


This is going to be big for the music scene in Shreveport, which in the past was known for its country music, and of course, Elvis Presley. Currently, the local music scene is chock-full of those growly heavy metal bands. Don't get me wrong, heavy metal is my scene; but in my opinion, animals growl and if I can't understand the freaking words in a song, it's not for me.


Here's to hoping for great things for "The Nauts"... which, I have to admit, is a name that I am NOT fond of at all.


Here's the article from Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/dave-matthews-forms-supergroup-with-jakob-dylan-20131216

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