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Observations from a prodigal son


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Hi guys. I was in town for about 36 hours after a cross country drive. Now I'm catching a flight back to SF. I did have enough time to take a drive around, so here are my observations. Take them for what they are worth, which isn't much.

1. A lot has changed in the last 4 years! It's amazing!

2. I really like the MCC. Epic fail on the backside, but the division/5th sides are spectacular! That section on 5th is like a whole new area.

3. Park Central is probably the ugliest building I've ever seen in my life. Whomever is responsible for that should be executed in public.

4. Speaking of executions, I almost cried when I saw what was the Mayfair. Shameful.

5. The new hotel between Elliston and West End is nice. I do like that it didn't completely turn it's back on Elliston, but there is zero street activation there. Partial fail, but I've seen worse.

6. The Gulch is coming along nicely. I'm excited to see future growth.

7. East Nashville is something special. So much character and small business. I will be living there for sure in the near future, when I'm back. It desperately needs a whole foods and Trader Joe's.

8. There is so much room for growth in this town, it's almost ridiculous. We have a beautiful, world class, city center. Which almost instantly, along every corridor, drops into suburban style wastelands of check cashing places and used car lots. The potential is amazing!

9. It is interesting to see the AMP yes/no yard signs. By my completely unprofessional observation, it appears that the East side is almost all "yes", while the west side is almost all "no". Interesting.

10. That whole Ellington parkway interchange near downtown is ridiculous. Confusing, a waste of space, and overly complicated. Whoever designed that should be.....well, they're likely long gone.

11. I love this city. I can't wait to move back.



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