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Montreal Swings


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You know, I love things like this.  They aren't overly expensive, but are so interesting and fun.  Small ideas like these are the types of things that create a unique culture for a city and draw people to look at it with interest.  I know in my personal travels, I always remember the little stuff (again, like these swings) as opposed to something I saw in a museum.


Take for example the NASCAR HOF.  Imagine if the city had spent that $250 million on small public arts and music projects throughout the city (like these swings).  We could have countless gems spotted throughout uptown, southend, pmwood, noda, ect.  I'm just using the HOF as an example btw, not intending to bash it.

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That is really cool. What I find especially interesting about it is that I bet some, if not most, of the people in that video would have probably just passed by these had they been plain old swings. Simply adding melody and harmony to something we all, as adults, rarely give a second glance to is pretty powerful. Also, I like how the bottom of the seats light up.

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