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Sell the Triangle, Why do you live where you live?


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As I posted in another thread, my wife, 3 young sons, and I are planning to move to the triangle area. However, our time frame may have shifted a bit, and now we are looking at the end of summer or fall 2014.


The catch point is we have not told family yet. Right now, my wife’s parents live about an hour from us, and mine live about 7 hours, and this will add 10 to 13 hours. We will not be telling them until we list our house for sale, which will be next spring/summer.


Having said all of that, why do you live where you live? What makes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding communities such a wonderful place to be? I know everyone has a different opinion of what makes something so wonderful, but I want to hear them all. Why should people move there? 


If I can hear enough awesome things, I can explain to our families that while we are leaving a great city (Grand Rapids MI) that is close to family, we are moving to a much better place. In the end, it does not matter, we are moving. But it would be nice to show that they should come visit us frequently. 



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There are so many run clubs downtown that there are now competing ones on the same day of the week. Most are sponsored by places that serve beer. Raleigh has 6 micro breweries (3 of which sponsor run clubs) and the Triangle has 14 not even counting Mystery in Hillsborough which is the best one in my opinion. 

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