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Ode to Richmond


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Hello all. 


I am on the train returning from a week and a half vacation in the capital city.  I had canceled my plans to NYC for the New Year because I missed home THAT much. 


I was jumped on Broad Street by hoodlums.  I could have been scarred and crushed and hoped never to return, but I miss home.  And I wrote this poem and posted it on my Facebook and thought you all may enjoy:


Home. I miss you. You are bad to many people. Many people dislike you. Some people hate you. Others want to move or never return to your hilly grounds. You allow murders, on average, more than most places. You fail at educating many people of color. You are blamed for corruption and wasteful spending and manipulation. You are full of child abuse and sexual abuse and mental health issues. Again, more than most. You punched me in the face. Twice.  Just the other day.

But gosh darn it, those hills. Those age old buildings. Those brick-paved streets. Your northern feel but WAY southern twang. Your fanning streets and gleaming river. You smell. But the people swim in you and dive in you and bathe on your rocks.

You have no identitiy. Trains drive through you SO slowly. You are high-fashioned yet still wear the same gold-frame Versaces of yester-years. I hate those.

  And still, you have taste. Some of the greatest restaurants in America reside within you. You host great festivals. And gosh darn it...people actually like you. I like you.

You've locked up half of my family and coldened the hearts of those who live within ...
...but you sparkle. You shine. It's not a shiny Charlotte shine, but you do it. You pull it off. And I miss you. I miss home.

  My jaw hurts. 
It's a Bad Religion.
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