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How to change my signature?

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I can't find where I change my signature. I can look at my basic profile, but don't see where to edit. This computer I am on runs an older version of Internet Explorer, it seems like there is more to the dropdown menu next to my username up top, but perhaps this version of IE can't support the display of the rest of that menu. I'll check on my Mac when I get home, otherwise, where do I change my signature?!

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We've had to drop support for older version of IE (and other browsers as well, but mostly IE) because Microsoft has failed to keep up with web standards. FWIW, I highly recommend Google Chrome (available for XP BTW) as it supports almost all web standards. Versions of IE like IE 8 support very little of the new web standards that allow the web experience to be awesome for users.

Glad you found it BTW!

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