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STAMFORD l Through My Lenses

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I'm an amature photographer specializing in urban landscapes, natural settings and architectural details. Here I will share some of my photos taken in Stamford, Connecticut.

I will be updating this thread periodically with new photos of different areas within the city limits and possibly of various events. As the number of photos on display increases, you will get a better idea of how the city looks.

First, a few facts about Stamford:

  • 4th largest city in Connecticut, 8th in New England.
    • Has a diverse population just under 123,000, according to the 2010 Census.
      • It was settled in 1641, incorporated and consolidated in 1949.
        • Covers an area of 52.1 square miles (134.9 square kilometers).
          • Its one of the wealthiest and safest cities in the United States.

          [*]The city is about an hour northeast of New York City, and there is an express train that leaves Grand Central Terminal and goes directly to the Stamford Train Station.

          [*]Stamford is one of the largest financial centers in the United States, home to the North American and global headquarters of UBS Warburg, Royal Bank of Scotland, Pitney Bowes, World Wrestling Entertainment, General Electric, among other firms.

          [*]The flat key was invented at the Towne & Yale Company (if you ever wonder why so many keys have Yale written on them, now you know) in the South End district of Stamford, which revolutionized the door knobs and key industry worldwide.

          [*]Some famous people that have called Stamford home or currently live in the city are: Jackie Robinson (he broke the color barrier in the Baseball Major League), Vince McMahon (CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment), Bobby Valentine (famous baseball player), William F. Buckley Jr (founder of the National Review magazine and a major contributor to the conservatism movement in the United States), Joe Lieberman (US Senator), Gutzon Borglum (sculptor of Mount Rushmore), Christopher Loyd (actor, he played the part of Emmet Doc Brown in Back To The Future), J. D. Salinger (author of The Catcher In The Rye), Curtis Jackson (better known as 50 Cent, a famous rapper and investor), Rihanna (famous pop and R&B singer from Barbados), Garry Cobb (NFL football player), Alex Rodriguez (MLB baseball player), Robert Jarvik (inventor of the first artificial heart), Jay S. Walker (founder of Priceline.com), and too many others to list.

          Stamford is a multifaceted city. The southern part of the city is very urban, the middle parts are very suburban and the northern parts (north of the Merrit Parkway) has an exurban feel and even, in places, a rural feel. Each neighborhood has its own character.

          The city incorporates a myriad of architectural styles ranging from british colonial, victorian and neoclassical all the way to minimalist, art deco, and postmodern.

          Socially it is a very vibrant city considering its size. During the warmer months the city hosts various open air events in its downtown district including concerts at the end of every week at Columbus Park. In November the city hosts one of the largest Thanksgiving parade in New England, with large balloons in the shape of various characters being its primary attraction.

          The world's cuisines have a presence in the expansive restaurant sector that covers much of the city, but especially in the downtown district. Whether its Italian, French, Mexican or one of the new Fusion types, Stamford has them all.

          The city also has one of the most exciting nightlife in the immediate area.

          What is considered culture also has a place in Stamford, boasting two theaters for the performing arts, art galleries and the likes.

          It is a very complete city that is greatly enhanced by its proximity to NYC and everything that metropolis has to offer.

          If anyone is interested in using any of my photos for any reason (showing them in other forums, for personal use, etc); please contact me prior to using them. Please don't steal them. Also, if anyone wants more information on a particular photo, just ask.

          That's all. Enjoy! :)

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Stamford is 31 miles (50 kilometers) northeast of New York City. It takes approximately 1 hour to drive to Manhattan from Stamford, assuming traffic moves smoothly and no traffic jams are found along the way. Despite the distance, from the most southern point of Stamford, this is the view towards the southeast:


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