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Election Results - Charlotte


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Election night is over in Charlotte, here are the results.

For Charlotte Mayor, Pat McCrory ® won 57% of the vote meaning he will be the only mayor in Charlotte's history to be elected 5 times.


For Charlotte City Council it remains Democratically Controlled with a veto proof Democratic majority. Here are the winners for City Council At Large:

Pat Mumford ® - Wachovia Executive incumbent


Pat Cannon (D) - Long time City Council member, current Mayor Pro Tem


John Lassiter ® - former Char/Meck School Board member


Susan Burgess (D) - former Mayor Pro Tem

District 1: Patsy Kinsey (D)

District 2: James Mitchell (D)


District 3: Warren Turner (D)

District 4: Malcom Graham (D)


District 5: Nancy Carter (D)


District 6: John Tabor ®


District 7: Don Lochman ®


So thats 7 Democrats and 4 Republicans on the City Council.

There was a big shake up at the School Board. All the current At- Large members of the school board will NOT return. Home/Neighborhood Schools and overcrowding were big issues...In their place will be:

Kaye McGary - backed by the Charlotte "elite" (aka Hugh McColl) and Fume

Joe White - Former City Councilmen and retired CMS High School Coach.

Kit Cramer - employee of the Charlotte Chamber, endoresed by FUME, Charlotte

Observer, and Charlotte Post


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FUME was succusful in getting 2 of the 3 school board members eleceted...however the 2 that got elected were heavily funded by the "uptown interests" McGary was funded by McColl and his pals...and Cramer was funded by the Charlotte Chamber. So while FUME may look at this as a victory for them, the reality is that it will be good for all of the district as these people are very respectable. They are not going to get on there and be divisive like Larry Gavereu. In fact, both of these candidates have already had one on one meetings with the superindentant and the current school board members.

I think they will lead CMS in a positive direction and rebuild bridges between them and the County Commision.

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I find it surprising the actual city of Charlotte is electing a Republican for mayor. But then again, it may not be a bad sign. If enough middle class people are retained in the city - it shows the city is welcome to those people.

However its sad they vote for Republicans... In my own biased viewpoint that is.

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McCrory is considered to be fairly moderate....in the Primaries there was a Conservative Republican running against him, and he was soundly defeated. He got a lot of support from Democrats as a lot of people didnt consider Madans to be a good candidate. Personally, I voted for McCrory, as I did not feel Madans was a real candidate...if another democrat had run, say a Harvey Gannt, or Pat Cannon, then I would have voted for them instead of McCrory.

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