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Detroit buys final riverfront silo site


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On Monday the city finalized plans to buy the Cemex cement company on the Detroit River for $23 Million. The company is the last cement company operating on the east riverfront. Had the city not purchased the site, the riverfront recreation area would have had to be built around the site.

The two other cement plans were purchased for $46 million, and included an alternative site in southwest Detroit. Those plants will be demolished this summer. The Cemex company will be around a bit longer, however. The company is allowed to operate out of the plant for one year, and will be allowed to stay another year and a half if it decides to rebuild downriver. It is unknown when the company will leave.

The purchases of the cement silos were made using bond money that was originally supposed to be used for the casinos on the riverfront, until that plan was dropped.

Read More: http://www.freep.com/realestate/renews/silos12e_20050412.htm

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LOL, putting whales on the silos made more sense than putting whales on the Broderick, since at least those are by water, even though whales don't live in the Detroit river!

You might want to contact the folks at Cadillac Tower & tell them to paint a whale mural the entire height of the building, because putting it on the first several floors just isn't enough...it must cover the entire west facade. :lol:


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Messed up? I don't see anything messed up about it. That photo was taken before the Monroe Block was demolished in 1990. It was the last remaining complete block of 1880s commerical structures left downtown. Also note that Hudson's is still standing.

See this link for details: http://www.michiganhistorymagazine.com/det.../monroe_blk.pdf

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