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Intercontinental hotel looks mad.

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Hello all, I was taking it easy untill I heard that the majority of the sun will dissapear by the time 1miami building gets completed by the end of August. It looks scattered all over the area by the pool, as you see the tourists trying to get a suntan in a 5 star hotel without being able to. Only sometimes at the right time when the sun pops up thru an open crack is when the people who are out there at the time find themselves moving the chairs in hopes to get a bit of a sunburn tan. What next ? Could it be that by the time met 3 gets built the 5 star hotel which actually looks like a 4 star by the way it is kept, able to find a place in the sun at their pool deck? Would a re-plan to develop a better deck be on it's way to bring back life to the place and to those who payed 5 star and never had a decent suntan? I think there is an alternative, if the hotel decides to spend some of their big profits to re-design their roofdeck. I think that the hotel looks could sure use an upgrade and a fix- up. It would sure defenitely be a plus if they plan to keep their suntan luving customers coming back.

Oh by the way, bring in a bigger swimming pool with a water fall and a couple of hot tubs. Please don't let this potential hotel fall to rags, It sure has lots of potential for a comeback if they put their piggybank money to work for their guests.

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