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We have been going up every month in almost every statistic that you might want to count. Views, posts, new members registered, etc.

The alexa statistic is very interesting since we started restricting access to certain areas of the site unless you are a registered member in mid-February.

Thanks for posting.

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Check this out.  It's a neat page that shows info about "the UP" (not the OC, lol).  There's also a traffic detail, and it says we're gone up from 110,000 hits to 120,000. 

I just thought it was interesting enough to share.

Actually, the number above is rank among all spidered websites on the Internet as a whole. The actual hits we receive is in the neighborhood of 6 million/month at the moment. We have been steadily rising ever since our conception.

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Quad Xeon/16GB RAM

My company leases the server from a data center in Atlanta and this site is ran from that server.

Wow. A Quad Xeon? Amazing. 16 GB of Ram... er.... wow.

My company does not require anything that elaborate, I have 2 webservers, a 3.06 GHZ Pentium 4 and a 2 GHZ Celeron, I get narry a hiccup with some good traffic.

Maybe you should do some CPM banners on the top where the adsense ad is, you would make a hell of a lot money with the traffic you are getting. Just an idea. You would probably be accepted to Tribal Fusion.

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