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Washington Boulevard Streetscape


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GENERAL WILL RETURN: New foundation for 16-foot statue

From the Detroit Free Press - August 23, 2005

Gen. Casimir Pulaski is coming back to downtown Detroit.

The 16-foot-tall statue of the Revolutionary War general, which has been missing from its usual spot at Washington and Michigan, is expected to return in about a month, city officials said Monday.

James Canning, a city spokesman, said the statue was removed about a year ago during construction on Washington.

A private Detroit conservation company, Venus Bronze Works Inc., is cleaning the statue and pouring a new foundation, Canning said.

The $65,000 bronze statue was a gift to Detroit from several Polish groups, according to the Detroit Historical Society's Web site. The statue was dedicated in 1966. It was designed by Bruno Nowicki and sculpted by Ferenc Varga.

you can read the rest of the article here

I'm not sure I remember what this statue looks like! Does anyone have a picture?

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