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In the Arch's Shadow, Signs of Revival


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Interesting article. Thanks for posting it Wack!

Don't know if you have had the opportunity to visit downtown St. Louis, but it has been a dead place. I was there last month for a weekend and spent time downtown. While it still needs work, there are interesting restaurants and projects underway that might help revitalize the city's core. There are also many terrific old buildings that deserved to be saved. I hope progress continues...

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Yeah, I have been to STL's downtown once to see the Arch. I was underwhelmed by the Riverfront. It seems like they have a golden opportunity to put in a park or riverwalk. Instead there is a cobblestone parking lot by the Arch. Then again, I am from a metro area whose city tore out a highway on its waterfront and replaced it with a park. Ah, Portland.

The buildings in downtown STL did seem really cool, and I've seen quite a few interesting links about the Soulard neighborhood. Sounds like both STL and KC are successfully improving their downtowns.

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