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2006 flint mayoral election cannidates


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Who do you think should should run ? I want a mayor who is young and fresh with new and cool ideas,someone who will work with the state,county,the council, and the people of flint, someone who will clean or neighborhoods, beautify the city, improve our citiy's image,some who will keep and attract jobs to the city, and who will revitalize downtown. If no ones fits this description may be Tim Herman because of his work in revitalizing downtown, lee gonzales, or councilman Joshua Freeman.

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I don't really know enough about either of those guys to make a decision. I'd have to hear their ideas and vision for the future of the city. It seems that Williamson has calmed down a little. By 2006 he might have figured out to work with everybody and still get things done his way.

I don't think Tim Herman would be a good choice simply because of the conflict of interest. There are already some downtown shop owners and potential shop owners that have a feeling that Uptown Development is trying to get a monopoly on downtown development. Herman being mayor would hinder the development group a lot more because there would always be questions whenever they got a project or a city loan approved.

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