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  1. This aeriel really shows how dense the main section of downtown is and really could be if the Rose and Michigan lot across from the Radisson were developed into something as well as the Lot 9 between the Arcadia Festival Grounds and the buildings fronting East Michigan
  2. Here's an aerial my bro took last fall. It's not Grand Rapids of course but the Mall in downtown Kalamazoo. I'd like to try to get an updated one soon as that white building (Park Building) in the botton left center is now demolished and that enitre lot is a mesh of steel girders for the new office building. That hole along the Mall with the crane is now complete as well. Anyone have any aerials of GR?
  3. Nice old pics. Hopefully that water tower isnt torn down ever. (The Michigan Historical funding for it may be disappearing soon).
  4. By the way; there is an ice rink down water street; several blocks west of the Radisson garage near Park. It sits on one of those empty half-dirt lots and seems quite temporary.
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