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S.C. Bill Would Build Research Parks


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This is my first time posting on the SC side of the forums but ive been following some the states developments, especially in upstate. This article was posted on WFMY.com. this may be old news to you guys but i thought it was interseting to follow SC's efforts to transform its economy to more high/bio tech. dont know that much about SC but from what ive noticed while traveling through, Greenville seems to be on a defintie upswing probably partially due to the metro's strong universities. I would also say Charleston has that progressive feel. Are there any research parks currently being developed in the state? If not, then this bill could speed up development and put SC on the level of Al and NC. If its passed, seems like these parks could be developed at a faster than normal pace?

S.C. Bill Would Build Research Parks

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A Charleston representative introduced a bill last week designed to create university research parks that match public research with private businesses.

Columbia, S.C. -- South Carolina leaders say a bill introduced by a lawmaker could build university research parks and help attract high-paying jobs.

Representative Bobby Harrell of Charleston introduced a bill last week designed to create university research parks that match public research with private businesses.

Harrell says the legislation is essential to help transform the state from an old-world economy of textile mills to a knowledge-driven economy with high-technology industries.

North Carolina faced a similarly bleak economic outlook when lawmakers and state business leaders began planning Research Triangle Park, the nation's largest and most successful university research enterprise.

Historians say that in the 1950s when planning began, North Carolina's per capita income ranked 47th out of 48 states. The turnaround in the years since has led other states to place their economic hopes in the Triangle Park model.

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We have known about the research parks and the push for this type of development for some time, but this particular legislation is new to me.

There are two research parks being developed right now:

  • ICAR in Greenville (with cooperation from Clemson) which will focus on automotive research among other things.

  • The USC Research Campus in Columbia, which has several focuses including Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, Nanoscience, and biotechnology.

There is also a push to have clusters of business types so that in a recession, all sectors won't be affected like they are now. SC has a bright future :)

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