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Land use/Zoning FAIL

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So I was reading the zoning notifications when I connected the dots on something.

There is a McDonalds planned in the north end right now that led to some legal mess and now its on the docket with the city apparently backing the project.

its new construction, its a major brand, its bla bla...

but I also just realized that it is on the corner next to the keeney tower!!!

they are going to build a god aweful ugly single story fast food joint on what could be an amazing parcel of land!!!

this strip of land should be developed into a nice little row of townhomes facinf the park/tower, not a fast food joint

is this in the beggers cant be choosers category?

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Same category as tearing down the Victorian Carmichaels building on airport rd and Wethersfield Ave only to have the strip mall sit half empty since it was built. The city needs to work with these developers to find better solutions so these eyesore properties fit better into the urban fabric.

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