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Central Park: "THE GATES"


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Im not being negative to  them putting art in the park, but in my opinion those gates completely ruined the feel and atmosphere in the park.


It was only up for a couple of weeks during a time of the year that the park is the least utilized.

Also, for the $21million price tag paid entirely by the artists, the city extimates it received $80million in business from people drawn to the city to see The Gates (in contrast, the city [according to some estimates] lost money on the RNC). The city itself should be recieving in the neighbourhood of $2.5million in additional tax revenues. The materials used in the project are all also going to be recycled, so no complaints there.

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I wasnt aware it came out of the artist pocket.


Totally. Apparently Christo makes buckets of cash selling off the concept drawings he does. Concept drawings for this one go back decades so they will probably be worth a lot.

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