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Green in Downtown


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Hi guys!

I was just wondering what you guys think about the lack of green in downtown Nashville. I don't know, maybe it's a Florida thing.... but having grown up here, even though I loved Nashville, I felt like downtown was sort of uninviting. Especially the street in front of the Frist.... it's really wide at first and then it's just buildings on either side with very little green....(and the way over there from the west) Does anyone else feel that way, or is it just me? I'd love to see some nice trees, (maybe apple or peach, so they get the pretty colors and flowers) planted along a median in the middle of the road, or on the side-walks. It at least needs some medians with grass, and maybe some flowers, I think.

So am I "too Fort Lauderdale" (as the writer of The Scene wrote about the Veridian), or do you guys agree that Nashville needs some green in Downtown?

Also, why is the river kept so low, no one can see it... not even when your driving on the new bridge!!!!!!! Downtown Nashville doesn't seem to use it's natural resources to it's advantage!! What makes south florida beautiful is all the canals, and trees and the buildings within this setting.... I know that Nashville is completely different and thats good, but it seems like the natural resources have been forgotten. Look at other cities like Chicago for example, they use the lake and the chicago river to their advantage, it makes the city cool (especially on ST. Patty day when they turn the chicago river green... too cool!)

Finally, there needs to be a park in downtown.... there are sooo many old buildings with plywood on the windows, and all those parking garages.... why not have a park in downtown?

I am sorry if it seems like I am being negative about Nashvillle. The reality is I LOVE Nashville, and will be calling it home soon. It just seems to me like it has soooo much potential, and now with all the new buildings and projects, I just hope they realize that the city has been neglected for quite some time... and if they take the time to play up all its stregnths it can be an AMAZING place!!!!

So... what do you think?


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