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Sunbelt in charge!?


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I was thinking EVERY elected president in the last 31 years (!) were from either: Texas, California, Georgia or Arkansas!

With the exception of Kennedy the Northeast and Industrial Mid-west has not been represented in the Whitehouse since the days of the Great Depression and World War II (FDR from New York State!)

2004: Texas Prez, Wyoming Veep, vs. Mass Pres Candidate, NC Veep

2000: all southerners or westerners!

1996: Kemp from NY State only non-sunbelter (and he was born and raised in LA!)

1992: all sunbelters (Quayle from Indiana--a "new economy" state in my mind)

1988: all sunbelters (Quayles Indiana) except for Dukakis from Mass.

1984: Mondale-Ferraro last all northeastern/industrial MW ticket!!!!

1980: all sunbelters except for Mondale

1976: both Veeps from IMW/NE

1972: ok I have to research this far back where was McGovern from again?

1968: Humphrey only one from IMW/NE

1964: Humphrey only one from IMW/NE

1960 and before hazy.

Just astonishing that the IMW/NE has only produced one president in the last 60 years! And the last all IMW/NE ticket was 20 years ago!

Interested in hearing your thoughts on the trends that come from this :)

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lol, never was too good in math, thanks for making my point better then I did Metro ;)

Yes it has been over 40 years since a IMW/NE won the White House . . . 41 if you are looking at the "streak" which started in 1964, but the last one elected was indeed 44 (45 if your looking at just calendar yrs.) years ago.


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Humphries was when I was comparing the tickets with the series of years . . . Humphries was the Veep candidate in 1964 on the Johnson ticket if I am correct.

Thanks for catching that, I didn't mean to imply that those were the Presidential candidates but the "tickets" all 4 candidates and the sole IMWer or NEer from the field of four (2 Prez candidates, 2 Veep candidates).

Wanted to do all 4 candidates because if you break it down like that you get the realization how sparse the IMW and NE have gotten in producing candidates that represent the nation, are we in the NE and Industrial Mid-West not the future of the political nation?

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Politics have become more ignorance-oriented, conservative, and Bible-thumpin' based.


There is nothing "conservative" or religious about this hard right turn. It's all about money, oil and chest thumping old cowards who didn't have the balls to fight in Vietnam.

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^^ outside of Gary which is MetroChicago what did Indiana have up until 1960? The powerbase was the Industrial Mid-West (IMW) and Northeast (NE). Central and southern (2/3rds) Indiana has more in common with North Carolina or Kentucky or Arkansas 1960-2005 then it does Ohio 1960-2005. True it is a judgment call, take it as you will but I do know everything south of Southbend has a tough time fitting with pre-1960 Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, NYC, Philly, St. Louis etc. etc. etc. Indianapolis became a powercenter nationally around the same time Little Rock, Charlotte and Phoenix did.

Basic point is that the power has shifted from the NE IMW "rust belt" or "frost belt" to the new industry states.

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