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A Queen City?

M. Brown

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the term "Queen City" is just a nick name, like the Windy City, or The Big Apple. Its not a term that can be earned by achieveing certain criteria.

Well Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire, but its not the capital.  Concord is.


Very true, and neither is Seattle. The capital of Washington is Olympia.

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How did you cities get the nickanme "queen city"? charlotte got it from being named after Queen Charlotte of England.


"It is called Mecklenburg County, in honor of King George III's wife. Her name is Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Streliz, and the county is named for her homeland in Germany. Later, the city itself will be named for Queen Charlotte."


Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are both for the Queen, so its naming makes sense. I would like to know what the imposter "queen cities" have to say for this :)

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Never heard of Seattle or any NE city being named the Queen City . . . hmm learn something every day then.

If you apply that to Pennsylvania then Philly is the queen and I guess that leaves the burgh to be the KING! lol.

Also if Seattle is the Queen City of Washington it is in KING county? just had to add that. Also is that why NYC has "queens"? Didn't that borough used to be farmland back in the 1800s? Wouldn't Manhattan be Queens then?

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That would be Charlotte.  The rest are imitations.  (especially cincinatti)    :D



You know the story on Cincy's claim on that Metro? Never did hear the story on how Cincy got nicknamed that, why are they imitators?

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Have any of you heard of the possible skyscraper going in by an old lot in Manchester, I have heard a rumor (only a rumor) that one of the possible disigns is taller than the John Hancock center In Boston, which would make it the largest building in New England.

P.S. what is the name of the tan and brown skyscraper in Manchester?

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Is the definition of a Queen City the largest city in the state but not the capital of the state?


Isn't that redundant? Is there any state whose capitol is its largest city?

That is certainly not the case in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and every other state I know the capitol of. (Also, coming at it from the other direction, not one of the cities that come to mind when you think of "big U.S. cities" is a capitol).

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Isn't that redundant?  Is there any state whose capitol is its largest city?



---State's who's capital is its largest city---

Georgia - Atlanta

Colorado - Denver

Indiana - Indianapolis

Arizona - Phoenix

Mississippi - Jackson

Massachusetts - Boston

Rhode Island - Providence

Arkansas - Little Rock

South Carolina - Columbia

Connecticut - Hartford

Hawaii - Honolulu

Idaho - Boise

Iowa - Des Moines

Maine - Augusta

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

Utah - Salt Lake City

West Virginia - Charleston

Wyoming - Cheyenne

Thats all I can think of. Maybe there are more.

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Sorry Spartan, I replied before going to the second page. I didn't realize Cheyenne was bigger than Casper now.


Its ok. I don't know for sure. That list was just off the top of my head. I've been wrong about a few apparantly, so who knows about Casper/Cheyenne :whistling:

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Hartford, Ct

Nashville, Tn (Not positive, I believe it moved ahead of Memphis with the county consolidation)


Like I said before. Hartford is not the largest city in CT. Bridgeport is. And Nashville is not the largest city in TN. Memphis is.

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Here are the stats for the cities we've been discussing.


Bridgeport city, Connecticut 139,529

Hartford city, Connecticut 121,578

Hartford, CT MSA 1,183,110

Augusta city, Maine 18,560

Portland city, Maine 64,249

Portland, ME MSA 243,537

Memphis city, Tennessee 650,100

Memphis, TN--AR--MS MSA1,135,614

Nashville-Davidson (balance), Tennessee 545,524

Nashville, TN MSA 1,231,311

Casper city, Wyoming 49,644

Casper, WY MSA 66,533

Cheyenne city, Wyoming 53,011

Cheyenne, WY MSA 81,607


Looks like Cheyenne is the largest in Wyoming.

Memphis and Nashville are so close its hardly worth arguing to me. Memphis is a larger city, but Nashville has a larger metro.

I assume Bridgeport is a part of New York's metro, since it doesn't have its own.

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