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Morrison Place


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There hasn't been much talk about this project. According to Doug Smith's last article Grubb has actually started on this project. I'm personally excited about it. I hope it adds another level of urbanity and walkability to the SouthPark area.

I believe this is the Sharon Rd. View


This is the corner of Sharon and Colony


According to the website Phase I includes 65,000 sq. feet of reatail and 147 apartments. The business journal reported that Grubb is talking to Crate & Barrel and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

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I missed the bizjournal mention of Crate & Barrell, but that will be a very good thing. Crate & Barrell is conspicuously absent from the charlotte market (the one in crabtree in raleigh is the closest). Crate & Barrell is a common for wedding registries, and it always strikes me as odd that charlotte doesn't have one.

There was an observer article about it earlier this year, which said Crate & Barrell wasn't looking to come here any time soon, but maybe Grubb will get it done. (The article related to the announcement that Crate & Barrel was building a distro center in lincoln county).

I like this project. It will certainly open up that block to be more pedestrian friendly, because it is currently just a brick wall.

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By looking at the renderings you can see that Sharon (and Colony) will be walkable urban like streetscrapes for the span of this development. This is positive since Simon wants to develop that grass patch along Sharon and Morrison with an outdoor "lifestyle center" like portion of the mall. Hopefully Simon will follw Grubb's lead and also open the new development to Sharon and Morrison in the same way Grubb has opened his development to the street. That leaves only one small portion of land between the two. If the middle portion were deveoped to open up to the streets around it (Sharon, Morrison, and Colony) we could have a really solid walkable urban strip along Sharon Rd. full of retail! One bit of bad news though. MFing Harris Land is developing the middle tract. If the Harris folks are smart though they will develop in a pedestrian freindly manner. It's no secret that after the Seven Eagle's fall through Grubb has been considering Saks. This development (in addition to Elizabeth) could be a winner for Saks. If this strech of Shraon develops properly you will see alot of shoppers leaving there cars at the mall or in Grubb's development and walking between the two allowing the Harris' development to pick up on a lot of pass through foot traffic. Perhaps that will be just the kind of financial incentive the Harris camp needs to finally make a socially responsible development move.

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still sad to see some of those trees go, they were very old and matured, and I think with the courtyard they have pictured there, the large trees would have given it a much shadier and comfortable place to sit and sip some starbucks coffee that will certainly open up there too! Oh well, gotta give up some for progress!

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Wow....here comes Earth Fare. I drove through the development a couple of days ago, and was extremely impressed with the quality of the buildings, streets, and common areas. This project will be the most urban project by far in the city not in downtown/midtown.

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