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plans for christmas

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Im flying into Philadelphia on the 18th by myself to visit my dad who lives in Delaware. While in Philly I will snap some shots and post them here. I will also go to Baltimore and get some shots. Ill fly back into JAX on the 28th. Hopefully I can get some good aerial views and a window seat.

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I am done with classes on Friday, although I will be finishing up an English essay and a portfolio that are due next Wedneday. For Christmas day and the following couple of days I will be visiting my grandparents in Grand Rapids. Outside of that I don't have any definate plans. I should hire in at a retailer as a seasonal employee, but that all depends on the availability of such jobs. I need money for my next tuition bill!

Other possible Christmas activities include:

- Going ice skating with friends downtown

- Detroit photography/architecture tour

- Exploring Broderick Tower (depending on when I can get permission from the owner to go in)

- Going to the North American International Auto Show (depending on when my family flys in from The Hague)

- Taking a day trip to Saginaw & Bay City

- Meeting up with friends I have not since since high school graduation

Class starts up again on January 10, so there is plenty of time for fun. :)

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I'll be going with my brother to Manhattan, Kansas and will be visiting my parents in Memphis the rest of the time. I'm done with class as of now and do not go back until the 18th. A much needed break!

I plan to drive to downtown Memphis to take some snapshots as well as process my Oxford photos. And, of course, play Sim City. :)

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