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What magazines does everyone read or subscribe to?

I subscribe to


National Geographic


Cape Cod Life



Entertainment Weekly

Time Out New York

Options RI

I read regularly

Rhode Island Monthly

Providence Monthly

I used to subscribe to a lot more magazones, but found I wasn't reading half of them so I cut back.

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Outdoor Photographer

Wine Enthusiast

Var Business


Electronic House

Computer Gaming World

PC Gamer

Mac Addict


Computer Power User



Popular Science

PC Magazine

*I hate getting so many magazines so I plan on shortening the list a little but I have to let my subscriptions run out I suppose so for now, that's the list. I have no time to read so many so a lot of them just sit in my desk and pile up until I get really bored, haha! Wired magazine is BY FAR my favorite, I couldn't live without that publication!

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Birds and Blooms (gift subscription)

MIT/ Technology Review (sometimes)

Occasionally I subscribe to the Atlantic Monthly but it is long winded and I don't always read enough to justify it.

I go to the library alot and read all the different magazines.

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