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Charlotte Aerial Photos


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New aerial as ov November 2004!

Notice the arena construction and about 3/4 on the right at the very bottom is the new courthouse under construction! Take a good look because Charlotte is soon to get a few new towers which will make a pretty big impact on those surface lots!





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Truelly the "evolution" of Charlotte is quite impressive. :blink:

Hope with time more parkings lots will be filled (not sure of the expression, sorry) and that Gateway Village will be "linked" to downtown with some constructions...For the moment it seems it's a little bit "far away"...

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but look at all those surface lots still left... We sure do have alot of room two work with when it comes to developement


All the surface lots you see in that pic are owned by Daniel Levine...he moves at a snails pace for development. I think a total of a million sutdys have been done on that land and nothing has happened.

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The up side of his mollasses speed is that when they do get developed, they are built up to be more intense developments than if he had acted earlier. Looking at the on-fire residential market right now.... what if he HAD developed some of his land in 2001, they'd be 3-5 story buildings. Now, there is a shot that the buildings on those blocks will be >10, > 20 or even >30 stories when he does builds. I guess he is in for so little, and for a long term requirement for return that he is NO hurry :).

That is painful for all of us development addicts, but i'm sure it is probably better for uptown in the long run.

(this coming from a guy who really thought they were starting any minute when i moved to first ward 4 years ago :) ).

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