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FaceBook - the WalMart of the internet


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Is it just me or do other people find Facebook to be evil? I was on FB for a few years and liked it. I shared info about myself and connected with old friends and family. Then weird stuff started happening. My e-mail account was hi-jacked not once but twice. It sent out some weird link that I had to send regular e-mails to tell friends to not open. Then FB itself started changing settings and you had to go back into your preferences and put them back to what you originally set. The most recent was FB changing your e-mail address. I deactivated my account over 6 months ago and never went back. Now, if there are links embedded in someones comments I can't see them because they are in FaceBook. Not everyone is on FB and I bet not even half of the 900,000,000 people they claim as members ever make comments. Or even check in to there accounts.

The scary thing about this is that we freely give them info about ourselves and don't know what all they are doing with it. What does this company do that make people think it is worth billions. The IPO a few weeks ago was just one of the very suspicious things this company does.

I don't shop at WalMart and I refuse to be part of Facebook.

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privacy issues have been the greatest concern with Facebook. If you are not careful websites that you visit can be shown on all your friends wall as a website you looked at. Also people make mistakes of posting when they are leaving town to go on vacation which leaves them a risk of a home burglary.

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