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John Edwards in more hot water?


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Johnny Reid Edwards certainly had us all fooled, when he ran for Vice President, and then President. As far as I could tell, he was a sterling example of a good family man.

Everyone probably already knows he fathered a baby with a woman besides his wife, who was dying of cancer. Then he covered it up...

And who can forget the infamous sex film he reportedly made? I try not to think about that too much....sometimes you don't want to envision things~

So now, his name has reportedly been found on a list at a millionaire escort service in New York City. And as per usual Johnny and his staff deny it.

To quote the late Leona Helmsley, "....somebody needs to tell him to keep it zipped up."

What's truly sad about all this is that I trusted John when he was running for high office. I thought he was a good choice for the Presidency...now I feel embarrassed I ever thought that.

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