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Teach the Beatles Music (starting in elementary school)


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When I was in junior high, we had music hour. The teachers played classical records for us, something my parents never did. We learned classical composers, and even learned how to recognize certain movements etc.

I suggest the Beatles' music be treated in the same way. Introduce it to youngsters starting in the 4th-5th grade or so, just like Beethoven or Mozart would be taught.

The reason I suggest this is because I feel that the Beatles' music will indeed be the "classical music" of the future, and should be forever shared with each new generation. I think many would agree that the Beatles made the most important popular music of the 20th Century.

I'll probably get kicked in the teeth for writing this (hehehhe!) but I find the Beatles music as important to modern culture as Mozart's and Beethoven's. What do you folks think of my idea?

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Agree!!! I was a young elementary school kid and couldn't wait to see them on Ed Sullivan Show. The AM radio stations played a half hour dedicated to The Beatles every evening. Later on the FM stations would do a complete day. I still have the first album released in the states. Completely worn out and the cover is tattered. The lads made history.

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