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Small Apartment


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I always wanted to live there too. I could picture myself rolling up on a scooter into winchester alley before heading up into a tiny little apartment and using crescent park as a nice-weather quasi-living room.

You could probably access your own wi-fi from Crescent Park if you had a good wireless router near a window on the east side of the bldg. :) Of course, you might want a VPN as well, to protect your passwords and other data.

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I didn't know that building actually had anything in it. How did they cram five apartments in that shack? And all of them with at least one bedroom?

Visbeen Associates still has renderings for "The Crescent" up on its site.** We've talked about it on here before somewhere. So far I'm assuming those plans are just sitting on the shelves for now, right?

**Under Gallery --> Commerical --> High-rise --> The Crescent

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I always loved this building, even imagined living there.

But I cant imagine you would have much floor space, and it has to be really expensive.

It looks like there's about 1200-1300 square feet per floor, meaning each of the one bedrooms is probably 550-600 square feet. That's small but not exceptionally so.

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