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You know you're from Baton Rouge when...


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This is just a little thread I started up for fun. What are traits that identify someone as from Baton Rouge? I'll start...

You know you're from Baton Rouge when anything in twos is referred to as "old" and "new" (ex. old&new mall, old&new bridge, etc).

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if you are just fine when they shut down the whole city because the city park lakes froze over ONE day in a row. Embarrassing. :)

if you died a little inside when the Caterie burnt down.

if you have never attended some of the many cultural events that take place here.

if you didn't know Baton Rouge has a minor league soccer team.

if you never go to the River Center....unless it's hosting Sesame Street or Larry the Cable Guy

if you own a ranch home with fake shudders and a "car port" out back

if you claim to have completed the "beers around the world" at Chimes, but secretly skipped the nasty brews.

if you refer to a garden hose as a "hose pipe"

if you still have a job after this mean recession (BR metro had largest economic expansion of 2009 in the country!)

if you schedule your vacation days, weddings, and events around LSU football.

if you love LSU or SU football but have never set foot in an LSU or SU classroom.

if you live in Houston now

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