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Statue of Liberty


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If you've thought you had seen it all, here's a new one for you: An Atlanta group is proposing a privately funded, male version of the Statue of Liberty for Charleston. They are eying unused land on Patriot's Point or possibly creating a new island in the Harbor to build it. It would be the same size as the New York counterpart, house a museum in its base, and have elevators to the top for an observation area.

Their theme for the statue would be freedom since South Carolina played a pivotal role in the Revolution and in the Civil War (where it sought its own freedom).

The $150 million project would have to raise funds privately.

Here's the Post & Courier article.

I'm not really sure what to make of it. If they can pull it off, then I'd like to see it happen. I think they should put it on Pinkey Island rather than make a new island, and assuming that they can't use Patriot's Point.

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I did some research on the National Monument Foundation (who is proposing what I assume will be called the Statue of Freedom), and they have a decent track record of getting things done, even though their website is lacking. One of the cooler monuments that they have been associated with is the Millennium Gate in Atlanta, which is located in Atlantic Station. It is the first classicly-styled monument built in America since the Jefferson Memorial, and it's based of of the Arch of Titus in Rome. Beneath it is a museum on the history of Atlanta. A very cool concept, and a monument that I didn't even know existed.

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Ah yes, the Arc de Ikea, as it is called in jest:


Great monument, although the context--smack dab in the middle of Atlantic Station, a new mixed-use development complete with big boxes, including Ikea--is somewhat weird for something so classical.

Anyway, this is quite an interesting concept and would be an instant icon for Charleston. Although I consider Uncle Sam to be something akin to the male version/counterpart of Lady Liberty, it will be interesting to see what this group comes up with.

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This is an interesting proposal. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but the Arch in Atlantic Station is disgustingly out of place. It looks more like a Disney creation than anything else, which I think has to do with its scale.

Yes, the context is definitely off. That's been the number one criticism. But the piece itself is wonderfully done.

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I wasn't sure what to think of it either, and thought the chances of it coming to pass quite remote. Charleston has a thing about it's skyline and restrictions on the height of new buildings. It would be a positive thing I believe, and give the city a real landmark identifiable worldwide.

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