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Sneak Preview of Captain Jack


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I discovered yesterday they now have some photos out of the Captain Jack Statue, in pretty much its final form, aside from the bronzing part. They've got three photos from different angles at the link below(pdf file), but I've included one of them here. I'm very impressed with it. They say there aren't any physical descriptions of what Captain Jack looked like, but that's about exactly the way I've always pictured him. The statue will be over 13 feet tall and I suspect will probably be elevated on some sort of pedestal, so it should have a pretty imposing presence when people are driving through that section. It's also worth mentioning that here lately the CPCC channel has been frequently showing an extensive interview with Chas hagan, the sculptor for the project, who goes into a lot of detail about what the process has been like. The program shows a number of close up shots of the head piece.

more Captain Jack photos

The statue should be a nice attraction for Charlotte. I'll be interested to see if the overall attraction focuses solely on Captain Jack or if they also take the opportunity to highlight some other parts of the story and Charlotte's dramatic role during that time period. For example, they might could have one or two key lines from Mec Dec or the Mecklenburg Resolves inscribed somewhere, or maybe a few of the famous quotes about Charlotte made by the British during the War. Either way, I'm encouraged by what I'm seeing so far and look forward to the unveiling and related celebration this coming May.


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You know, I'm actually pretty impressed. These kinds of statues (read: epic life-like) are usually goofy and melodramatic. The artist was able to keep the emotion in check, though, and has created something really quite nice. Can't wait to see it bronzed.

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