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"...mom does ______" marketing

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What is behind the trend of marketing bogus "remedies" by advertising them as "discovered by" or "developed by" or "invented by" a <insert your city here> mom? I love my mom, but I fail to see how motherhood gives one any special expertise in weight loss, teeth-whitening, particle physics, or do-it-yourself orthopedic surgery.

Anyone know the origin of this new marketing strategy?

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^^ Gosh I agree.

My mother would be one of the last people I would go to for advice about medicinal remedies or treatments. She thinks taking an aspirin is a big deal, and that anti depressant medications are for "weak people". She is 74 and has never had a Pap smear. Would someone really want to take medical advice from her, just because she's a mother?

As far as easing the pain of others etc, being a mother doesn't make one any wiser than anyone else. Commercials usually rely on sensationlism and half-truths, so this trend goes right along with the history of the industry.

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I think they are trying to use the old "mother is always right" mantra. I'm sure there are plenty of mothers out there, as has already been pointed out by examples, that that doesn't fit. I was fortunate to grow up having a doctor for a mother, so she bite to the bark so to say on things. Heck, I still consult her for things now. Much cheaper that way.

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