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SC 2012 Gubernatorial Race


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This is so true. Honestly speaking, some folks are just going to have to die first. They don't mind keeping the status quo the status quo and everyone "in their place." I have no idea why it seems that the good ol' boy mentality is more deeply entrenched in South Carolina than in other neighboring states.
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It's ironic that Sanford probably set back the transition to a stronger executive because he is ideologically the most reform-minded governor we've had in a long time... he just seems to lack the ability to build consensus. Now that nobody will take him seriously anymore, he's lost all hope. Oh well. Who's on the docket for the next gubernatorial race?

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As someone that has watched the politics of this state since the mid '70's or so, I can tell you that when the current kingpins die or retire, there will be others just as bad, or nearly so, to replace them.

The SYSTEM creates them. They spend decades in the system, waiting for their turn to do the same things the current kingpins are doing. Believe it or not, Glenn McConnell came to the senate in 1980 as a REFORMER. Over time he evolved into the do-nothing-good throwback that you see today.

Thanks to Gov. Sanfraud, the cause for a strong executive has been set back for ANOTHER decade or two.

I wouldn't hold my breath for any real change anytime soon.

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