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Which building(s) do you think are Hartford's signature?


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It is hard to argue that the Travelers Tower is the signature of the Hartford skyline. By day, it is an imposing presence. At night the travelers beacon is visible for miles.

But there are other pieces of architecture that are distinctively Hartford. In fact, it’s surprising how many unique buildings the city offers. Some are historic, others are just plain quirky. Below are the buildings I believe belong in the conversation. Perhaps you have other ideas.

The Old State House


The Colt Building


The Connecticut State Capitol.


The Mark Twain House


The Travelers Tower.


The Phoenix Mutual Building. (The Boat Building)


One Corporate Center. (The Stilts Building)


The Connecticut Science Center.


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I would have to say Cityplace. I like that it's got its little brother Cityplace II next door, and the design is a little different than just a normal four-sided building. I like the colors, also...which seems to take on a Hartford signature with other building after it (e.g., Statehouse Square and Hartford Steamboiler). I also think it looks more dense than your average skyscraper...a little fat for it's height. I've always liked it. I miss the Christmas wreath on the roof during the holidays, though. I hope that wasn't the result of political correctness.

BTW, gorgeous photos, Beer.


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The thing about City Place and Goodwin Square is that neither is unique or historic. There are fairly typical of building of that period. Aetna is interesting only because of its size, brick colonials of that type are also fairly common.

That isn't to say Goodwin or Aetna aren't great buildings. I especially like the way Goodwin incorporated the older block into the new edifice. It just that a signature building or building for a city should have something special, design or historic significance.

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Well... really,

Travelers is tall, pretty, bright at night and as the song said back in the 80s, they built this city(although not on rock and roll). bla bla

the capitol building is a symbol unto itself, so of course the capitol building is the symbol of any capitol city.

so, everything else no matter how pretty tall or whatever is really just an element.

I think you have to ask yourself what you see as you approach Hartford, drive through or drive past.

The science center will eventually become one of the most obvious symbols of the city since so many people drive past Hartford on I-91 every day. It is still overshadowed by Travelers.

untill a building like Cutter is built, Travelers will be our icon.

here is a picture I took today. like an hour ago


it stands so much taller than anything round it that it just can not be overlooked.

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