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New Highrise Luxury Hotel in Downtown Springfield

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Proposed Highrise Hotel in Downtown Springfield.


Becky Spence (the owner a parcel of land CU wants) is proposing to build a highrise hotel that will be taller than Hammons Tower. The new building will include a 300 room hotel, condos, offices, and retail. Although a specific number of floors was not mentioned, Spence did say it will be taller than Hammons tower.

Becky Spence is the recent victom of City Utilities plan to use eminent domain to take her land. Spence filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as a last resort before CU could take her land. Due to the outcry of support from the public, City Counsel, and Mayor on behalf of Spence, CU has backed off of their plans to take her land. CU is now looking at other property that ranked higher on a list of possible sites for the transfer station.

I will say that I was a little taken back by the design of the building. IMO it looks like a desert casino from vegas <_< . I just hope the final design will be a little more modern.

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Yes, I agree with you. It does look like Casino Hotel.

I wouldn't depends on that, since Springfield never got any new buildings around at downtown since years. They all keep delaying, drops, holding, etcs. But, hey we got new Mayor, let see what happen with this one. <_<

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Yeah, well the economy certainly doesn't help anything. I don't think she will have any trouble with the city after all they have put her through. She just wants to see her dream built, and as far as I know she is partnered with the people who built the 20 story sheraton in Overland Park up in KC. I have a feeling that that the financing will be more positioned on them, although becky does have 10 mill in assests, she does have 7 mill in debt. I just really hope that they change the design. It's horrible, and won't be well recieved by anyone. The worst part is that there is a concrete wall facing chestnut so you can't get a feel of how tall it would be if you were driving down chestnut. Now comes the waiting game. :angry:

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