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Please check out the California forums.

Over the last month or so a few Urban planet members who live in California or enjoy the Bay area have made a considerable effort posting updates on projects in the golden state.

If you travel to the bay area or you once lived there or are considering a move, please check out all of the topics and please post comments.

The other web sites like UP have limited bay area forums, and if we as a community help to build the west coast forums, ever region even Charlotte will be stronger for it.

There are so many interesting projects underway in California from Bullet trains to planned communities, transit oriented development and many green projects.

Neo has been a great help creating sub forums for us and we will continue our efforts even if you do not check it out.

UP is the most in depth intelligent urban fabric oriented web site, and I for one would like to see it grow to include other regions outside of Hartford, Providence, Grand Rapids and the Southern states. please give us a hand



sub forums include Sacramento, San Francisco, LA and San Diego. (we are focusing on Sacramento to the Bay, but I did post several bakersfield and Fresno projects)

San francisco


Sub forums include Oakland/East bay and San Jose


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