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  1. 1. Which would you rather be able to do 3 years from today?

    • Commute daily from outside of Davidson county by rail (A second spoke of the Music City Star completed)
    • Catch a one stop train from BNA to a central drop off/pick up point (e.g. Union Station)
    • Plan a trip to Chattanooga / Atlanta via high speed rail
    • Travel a limited network of streetcars to reach your destination within the city

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i voted another line in the music city star. i really wish they had made the first line along I24. while streetcars in the city would be fantastic, to me, this line would help the most with traffic. i still would LOVE to see a connector from downtown to west end.

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I would love to see all four, but I voted for the network of streetcars because I think this is the most important for some of the others to work.

My second would be a tie between a second leg of the STAR and a connection from BNA to downtown. Another leg of the STAR would definitely help commuter traffic while a connection from the airport to downtown would help visitors, obviously, get from/to the airport to/from downtown. However, I feel a good city network would be needed before the airport/downtown connector because it would be weird, IMO, to have the connector and then have visitors rely on our poor network as is.

The final option, high speed rail from Nashville to Chattanooga to Atlanta, would be great because it would provide an alternative to flying or driving to travel the county. However, I would like to have the network in place so that people can get to the high speed train station from most parts of the city and for visitors to use to get around the city efficiently. Also, it would probably be awhile before we see high speed rail in the country, let alone Nashville.

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I voted for number one because I live outside Davidson. I think it would never really help me because I leave my house at 5AM and have a 35 minute drive and I might get off at 6pm. The last thing I would want to do is wait on a train, but if the option were there I might consider it. I dont think any of these options will be up and running in the next three years for the simple reason is that Metro would have a fight on its hands in order to pay for it unless it was entirely subsidized by the federal government.

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