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Best Pizza in the Triad


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Since the other forums have "Best Pizza" threads, I thought it's about time the Triad had one.

I can't really speak for Winston or HP, but i'll say the best traditional style pizza I've had in Greensboro is at Pizzeria L'Italiano in downtown on Elm Street, it was very good with the right amount of cheese and sauce. The best i guess not-as-traditional would be at the relatively new Sticks and Stone Clay Oven Pizza near UNCG at Walker & Elam. It was very delicious, they pride themselves on using local and organic ingredients when available, so I recommend those two pizza options. Now, what are your favorite pizza places around the Triad?

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Im gonna have to say this new restaurant in Welcome, NC called "Little Italy" The best pizza I every had around here and they load the pizza FULL of cheese and topping so much so you need a fork to eat it. The slices on a large pizza are huge They also use fresh tomatoes and other fresh vegetables on their pizza. The place is run by real Italians. Check it out if you drive through the Lexington area.

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I still haven't been to a Mellow Mushroom! I was somewhat disheartened when they left Charlotte.

why did they leave Charlotte? Mellow Mushroom is popular wherever they locate them and Mellow Mushroom seems like they would have much success in Charlotte.

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Burke Street Pizza with locations on (naturally) on Burke Street and on Robinhood Road in Sherwood Plaza in Winston & with a third location in Greensboro does New York Style pizza very well. The Burke Street location in particular does a great late night business from the Burke Street bar district. Very Good.


Peyton Smith, who has operated wood-fired pizza truck Forno Moto since 2010, is planning to open a bricks-and-mortar pizza place in the Twin City this fall. The thus-far unnamed restaurant will specialize in neapolitan-style pizza and be located at 703 N. Trade St.  The space will feature a bustling, open kitchen, the heart of which is a fire-breathing beast of an oven.  It's the Ferrari of pizza ovens; made from bricks forged of the volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Vesuvius, and engineered to retain the intense 1000 degree heat necessary to produce a beautiful pizza napoletana.  Handmade in Naples, Italy by a 3rd generation craftsman, it will be the only one of its kind in NC.  As the center of the restaurant, it will provide the energy and warmth that will personify the space.  This is the best pizza oven in the world.The 6,900-square-foot building will also be home to The Escape Salon, which is currently located at 952 W. Fourth St.


Check out Peyton's journey on Facebook, lots of pictures of his delicious pizzas...Come out and support this new addition to the Arts/Entertainment District on North Trade. :yahoo:

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Mission Pizza Napoletana has now opened on N. Trade Street in the Arts District. Owner Peyton Smith is bringing Napoletana pizza to Winston-Salem and the Triad. This is not a typical pizza parlor. Instead, Smith hopes to give customers food that embraces the spirit of the cuisine of Naples, Italy.

Smith uses traditional Caputo 00 flour -- the same kind Italians prefer in their pizza dough. Instead of a heavy cooked tomato sauce, he just crushes tomatoes with salt, then drizzles the top with extra-virgin olive oil. The pizzas also are generally lighter than what Americans eat, without a heavy blanket of cheese. The distinctive crust is thin and has a slight char, thanks to the wood-fired oven that cranks up to 1,000 degrees and can cook a pizza in less than 90 seconds.

The toppings, too, offer some different choices. The New Haven pizza has clams, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino-Romano, Italian parsley and pancetta. The Diavola has soppressata (a dry salami), tomato, fresh mozzarella, chiles, basil and honey. One pizza has pistachios on it, another includes a sunny-side-up egg, and another is made with fried dough.

"The menu will feature Napoletana pizza and dishes that embrace the ethos of Italian food; simple, handmade, local, seasonal," Smith said. Smith says expects to rotate the menu often, especially to reflect the seasons. "At any given time, the menu will feature about 12 pizzas, and a similar number of dishes.


Check out their website: www.fornomoto.com

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